The courts function & role | SOC 205 – Society, Law and Government | Strayer University

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The purpose of this assignment is to use the knowledge you have gained in the first three weeks of this course and apply it by explaining the function of the Courts in the US and the court system’s role in government, law, and society.



Complete the Week 3 Assignment Template to address the following:

  1. Government.
    • The three branches of government are sometimes described as a three-legged stool that stabilizes the government. Explain what is meant by that statement and what would happen if one leg of the stool were not functioning, using specific details or examples. 
  2. Judicial Review.
    • Discuss why judicial review is important, using specific details or examples. 
  3. Federal Court.
    • Provide an example of a Supreme Court decision that affects our society today and explain its impact using specific details, and cite your source(s).
    • Provide an example of a Federal Court decision that impacts individual states and explain its impact using specific details, and cite your source(s).
  4. State Courts.
    • Because no two state constitutions or legislative bodies are alike, it is not surprising that the jurisdictions of State Courts vary from one state to another. Discuss the impact this has on society in states where crimes are not processed equally, using specific details or examples, and cite your source(s).

Sources and Formatting

  • Use at least two sources to support your writing. Cite each reference in-text citations and include your resources on the Sources page. 

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