Terrorism, insider threats, and homeland security

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So far in this course, you have learned about various aspects of risk assessment and management. Some of these elements include terrorism, insider threats, and homeland security. These concepts are not new but do have different elements today for individuals and governments. As threats arise, different measures and strategies are developed.

Continuing with your previous assignment as head of security of a Fortune 500 company, you are required to update your response protocols as well as security policies and procedures. In preparation for drafting the policies, you are conducting some background research.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report that includes:

  • – The functions of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and critical infrastructure security and resilience
  • -Why companies need to understand and create protocols for insider threats
  • -An assessment of the potential of terrorism and the measures the United States can employ if such a threat is identified both domestically and internationally
  • -Format the paper in APA
  • Follow the Instructor Writing Guide. 

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