Term 5 unit 3 discussions unit 3 db: berghuis v. thompkins (law204 –

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Term 5 Unit 3 Discussions

Unit 3 DB: Berghuis v. Thompkins (LAW204 – Business Law)

In this case, after agreeing to hear the case (known as granting certiorari) the United States Supreme Court held that detectives interrogating Thompkins did not violate Thompkins’ Miranda rights in obtaining his confession.

  • Read      the case of Berghuis v. Thompkins. You may also find it      helpful to listen to the oral arguments the lawyers made before the United      States Supreme Court. Berghuis      v. Thompkins. (2010). Oyez.

Prepare an argument for:

  • If      your last name begins with A through M you must argue in favor of the      majority’s decision in the case. (Finding that the detectives did not      violate Thompkins’ Miranda rights).
  • If      your last name begins with N through Z you must argue against the majority’s      decision and in favor of the dissent. The dissent argued that Thompkins’      confession was illegally obtained in violation of his Miranda rights.

Remember to support your required position with what you have learned from this week’s assigned reading about constitutional safeguards.

If your opinion varies from the position, you are being required to take, you may include such a statement in your discussion post.

Regardless of whether you are an attorney arguing in court or a business stakeholder pitching to shareholders or a potential client, adding support for your argument from appropriate resources strengthens your content. For this discussion board, be sure to include a citation to an appropriate source that supports the point you are making. (HINT: Your textbook is a great source!)

Unit 3 Discussion: Technology in Human Services (HSV101 Introduction to Human Services)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology use in human service delivery?  Provide specific examples of the advantages and disadvantages you identify.

Week 10, Chapter 22 Discussion (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II)

Top of Form

1. Describe the importance and benefits of budgeting and the process of budget administration.

2. Describe a master budget and the process of preparing it.

3. Discuss how to analyze expense planning using activity-based budgeting.

Unit 3 DB: Bank Reconciliations (ACC215 Spreadsheet & General Ledger Software)

Why are bank reconciliations a good internal control and what kind of variances and issues can be identified from conducting them on a proper cadence?

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