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Describe team members’ results on the Discovery Wheel and Develop your multiple intelligences exercises. What similarities and differences exist within the team? Looking at our team results as individuals, it appears that we have all had a surprising look into ourselves accurately. We all have learned things about ourselves that we did not realize in the past.

For instance, Jacob learned he would like to bring up his reading, Kathleen wants to be more time managed as she grows in her schooling she has learned, Nicole learned she wants to work on many areas in her growth with schooling, and Joni learned she needs to learn how to do testing better throughout schooling as well.

Our team has the similarity of a high strength in Purpose. This is pretty much the only prominent high score as a team that we have in common. In the same since, we have looked at our results and we all have many differences. Like mentioned before, Kathleen, Jacob, Nicole, and Joni all want to improve areas throughout their course in their studies in schooling.

Kathleen feels she will be stronger as a person once she is able to control her time management, Jacob feels one his reading becomes better he will be able to do better in school and in his life further down the road, Joni feels if she can do a test with less stress she will be able to pass them and accomplish much more through school.

As a team we work well together through our weaknesses, because we are all different and have strength in the areas where others are lacking; therefore we work well as a team.

2. What are the advantages of having diversity on a team? What challenges
might the team face because of diversity? As a team, we feel there are great advantages to having diversity on a team. We believe that diversity can bring a lot to a team; you can learn new points of view, opinions on how things are being done, and various ways of study that could help each other out. These are advantages, but they can also be seen as challenges in a team as well. The way these areas could be seen as a challenge is, if a team member is set in on specific way of study, does not do well with listening to how things could be approached differently, or they are just plain “set in their own ways”, then this could cause challenges.

3. How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building?

Factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles may affect team building if one or more team members are unwilling to adapt to change that may take place; or even the styles of how people learn being different may become an issue. Work styles of how some team members want to get the job done right away and others procrastinate. Many of issues can arise while building your team. Once your team is built, you will know who is strong in areas and you will know where they will be needed the most.

4. Describe team members’ results on the Career Interest Profiler, and the Career Plan Building Activity-Competencies. What similarities and differences exist within the team?

As the team, we scored high on Purpose and averaged in mostly everything else. Our low score came in at Reading. Our team has the similarity of Purpose, and a few of us paired up on other areas on where we scored, but overall we have many of differences on how we feel our areas need to be worked on. The differences are that some of us may have scored high in timing and low in other areas, but we fail to have time management.

5. How can you use the knowledge gained in the Career Interest Profiler, and the Career Plan Building Activity-Competencies to improve the performance of the Learning Team?

We will stay on task and set early deadlines to make. This will help keep stress levels down to be able to complete the assignments at hand. We will stay in communication better with one another and post more often to find out what is needed; and if there is any confusion it can be clarified within the team or by the instructor if needed. This is what we learned to improve the performance of the Learning Team.

6. What obstacles might arise from different ethical perspectives among team members?

There are many obstacles that could arise from ethical perspectives from a team. These obstacles can range from politics, religion, gender, race, or language. The list may go on even further, but these are major obstacles our team could think of.

7. How might these factors, diversity, attitude, learning and work styles, and ethical perspective be used to resolve conflicts?

As a team we feel that diversity could be used to solve a conflict by learning the different ways of study that diversity may have to offer. Attitude can resolve conflict if the team comes forth as positive key players and are willing to keep an open mind without taking things personally. Learning new ways and being open to different ways of others’ ways of learning can resolve conflict as well.

Taking in consideration that each individual is different and work in different styles may help resolve any conflict with work styles; try different work styles before just assuming you do not like them and keep in consideration they may work for other team members.

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