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The main purpose for evaluating teaching performance and effectiveness is to ensure quality of education. The goal of the evaluation is to gain information for retention, promotion, and tenure decisions. Some universities publish evaluations of teachers conducted by students. Students may use this information in selecting course and degree programs. Therefore, instructors have a stake in these evaluations and should strive for effective teaching to produce satisfied customers [students] (Jacksonville University, 2012). The tool used is a teaching evaluation tool from Jacksonville University, is a two-page student evaluation form.

Although student evaluations have imperfections, students are the best judge of the quality of teaching methods used in the classroom (Mace, 2011). The student feedback helps instructors to identify student’s educational needs and addresses concerns students may have. In this paper; the writer will summarize the tool, explore the use of the tool as part of teachers’ performance evaluation, and describe how the tool may be used to monitor the effectiveness of learning plans.

Summarization of Student Evaluations

The tool is a single subject evaluation form of End-of-course student evaluation form and written comments. It is designed to evaluate teacher performance at the end of each course. Course evaluations are usually completed at the end of each course in many universities and colleges. The evaluation forms provide instructors with an evaluative process that judges the effectiveness of the teacher, the content, and the delivery of the course by individual students. This student feedback evaluation tool with open-ended questions, numerical ratings and comments is completed at the end of the course. The instructor is able to identify student concerns and rectify any problems (Jacksonville University, 2012).

How Student Evaluations Monitor Effectiveness of Learning Plans

Effective teachers are those whose students can establish the greatest amount of real learning. The opinions of students regarding lectures, assignments, and presentations tracked using teaching evaluation form, it helps the instructor to modify or improve course content and presentation of course. Intervention involves the whole class and specifies tailored individual learning. End-of- course feedback; immediate correction of teaching issues and student learning problems enable the instructor to modify presentation techniques and course content as a means to improve teaching methods with positive outcomes (Mace, 2011).


The single-subject student feedback / evaluation tool provides instructors with a continuous evaluative process. This tool approximates the progress of the course as judged by individual students. The instructor is able to modify course content, presentation, and assignments based on the feedback received from students. The anticipated outcome using this evaluation tool is improved student satisfaction, quality outcomes, and a favorable instructor evaluation (Mace, 2011).

Jacksonville University. (2012). Teaching evaluation form. Retrieved from http://www.JU.edu Mace, J. (2011). Valuing the individual student: Using single design as a tool for evaluating classroom teaching performance. Journal of Social Work Education, 3(2), 261-274.

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