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 Need to present a discussions on 

1.  The author discusses what makes for good analytics and mentions that “garbage in equals garbage out”. Using a minimum of 5 sentences, explain what that means to you and, how garbage in garbage out could impact your reporting and business decisions. Feel free to include other attributes (pages 8-9) for good data. 

2.  How has Covid-19 impacted supply chains? How have you been impacted?

Covid-19 has impacted supply chains around the world and across all industries. In at least five sentences, explain how you have personally been impacted by supply chain disruptions since the pandemic started. Please exclude toilet paper. Touch on what you learned about supply chain disruptions and how labor and material shortages impact product availability. 


Should have minimum of 5 statements which describes the information about the discussions.

Tips: Should be in simple own words and no usage of critical words and attached the file to know in detail to write on it. This question is from a Supply chain management subject so that the matter should relate to Supply chain management for sure and should connect to readers.

Deadline Oct21, 2022 12:00Pm.Est

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