Sunsilk Promotion Strategy Essay

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Sunsilk was launched in 1954, in the UK, Sunsilk had quickly become Unilever’s leading international shampoo brand. By 1959, it was available in eighteen countries world-wide marketable devices that identify and differentiate the brand.


Branding Decisions Branding strategy is one of the most vital decisions taking by marketers. It is a strategy, which brings lots of positive feedback for a firm. Indivual name: Unilever follow individual name for setting brand name for their different products, such as Sunsilk, Dove (Shampoo), Ponds, Fair & lovely, Dove for skin care. Brand Elements Brand elements can play a number of brand building roles. Band elements are those trades

Brand elements

Memorable: every consumers mind catches the brand name. Their marketing programs set the brand name in consumers mind. Their short brand name such as: Dove, ponds, Sunsilk are easily memorable. Meaningful: Every consumer has a clear meaning about sunsilk. Consumer thinks about sunsilk as a product which solve their problem relating with hair. Likable: From our research we found that most of the people like the brand verbally and visually. Protectable: The brand name is legally and competitively protectable. The brand retain their trade mark rights and not generic.

Target market of Sunsilk:

The main target market of Sunsilk is females between the ages group 16-40 belonging to thelower and middle income classes. But in their promotional activities, they cover the wholemarket irrespective of these classes.Sunsilk target its market on the basis of consumer buying behavior, income level, and purchasing power of people. For which quantity of the product can be changed according tothe income and purchasing power of the consumers as in case of Sunsilk 120ml and 5ml packs are also available to target low income groups. Traket market of srilanka The main target market ofsunsilk is femalesbe tw ee n theagesgroup16 -40 belonging to themiddle&l ow er incomec la ss es

Competitive Strategies for Sunsilk

Defining the strategic objective:

The Sunsilk Shampoo aims at fulfilling the needs of its target market by offering a high quality, assessment of the concept in terms of its acceptability, credibility and perceived benefits that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to the targeted consumer. The theme of the product shall be anchored around the motto.

Expanding the total market:

Sunsilk is very sensitive to increase its market. It’s sometime very challenging for a firm toexpand its total market. Sunsilk basically wishes to increase new customer and more usage.

New customers:

Sunsilk trying to attract buyers who are unaware of the product or who areresisting it because lack of such features. Sunsilk using market penetration strategy, newmarket segment strategy and geographical expansion strategy for searching new consumers.Very attractive advertising and other propositional activities perform a vital role in this case.

More usage:

Sunsilk recently increase the amount, level and frequency of consumption. Italso improves packaging and redesigns the product. It offers larger package sizes and makesthe product more available. They emphasize more on marketing program, which inform theconsumer about the brand and it frequently develops the product which also spurs new uses.

Choosing General Strategy:

1.Flank Attack:

Sunsilk can follow segmental strategy. In market Head & shoulderstargeting mainly high and middle class people but big portion in lower class consumer could not adopt their product. So, Sunslik targeting the lower class, who have lower income and launch new product at a lower price.

2.Frontal Attack:

Sunsilk can launch new shampoo combining conditioner, anti-dandruff, and shinning in a one product as follow as Head & Shoulders.

3.Bypass Attack:

Sunsilk can introduce anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extraconditioner in a package. Identifying competitors

.Analyzing competitors:

The new Sunsilk shampoo aims to fulfilling the need of its targetmarket by offering a high quality, assessment of concept in term of acceptability, credibility,and perceived benefits that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to target customer.

Competitor review:

The major competitor of Sunsilk in rural areas is BIO AMLA and in urban areas Sunsilk mainly cutthroat of Head & Shoulder. The main advantage of BIO Amla is herbalcomposition, low prices, which attract rural market but in term of quality they are far behindSunsilk shampoo. In urban areas Sunsilk acting market challenge with Head & Shoulder.Sunsilk has got the advantage of keeping their prices lower than P&G but P&G has captured a large market share due to its intense promotional activities.

1954 – Sunsilk first launched in the UK.
1955 – First advertisement of Sunsilk appeared on TV.
1964 – Launch of Sunsilk hair spray.
1968 – Sunsilk shampoo re-packaged in PVC bottles.
1971 – Launch of Sunsilk conditioner.
1975 – Sunsilk became the biggest name in hair care.
2003 – Sunsilk glossy magazine launched in Argentina.
2008 – Social networking site Gang of Girls was introduced in India. Celebrity associations
Madonna, Shakira
Marilyn Monroe
Humaima Malick pakistan
Priyanka Chopra India
singer Delta Goodrem Australia.
Gang of Girls
In 2008, Sunsilk India launched a social networking site called Gang of Girls,[7] which offered its users access to a variety of local and global experts to address various hair care needs through its content, blogs and live chat room.

Co-Creation collaboration

From 2009 Sunsilk started working with a number of professional hair “experts” to develop new and improved products. Each hair “issue” variant links to an “expert” with the relevant specialist hair knowledge.


Sunsilk is available in over 60 countries worldwide. However Sunsilk products seem to be no longer available in the United States.

i) Advertising

Advertising is known as any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, product, service, idea or cause by an identified sponsor. Sunsilk company has done various advertisement. One of the most frequent advertisement is newspapers. Sunsilk mostly advertises their products through newspapers and flyers. The advantage of using newspaper is very effective to communicate with large audience which actually mean that newspapers are being read by almost all the citizen whether at home, at restaurant, at a coffee shop or etc. Besides, sunsilk products are also being advertised through mass media (television). This can be an effective way to create brand images and symbolic appeals. For examples, the product can straighten the hair of model and resolve many bad conditions of hair. Sunsilk do also faces disadvantages where they had to look after the production cost for the advertisements.

ii) Sales promotion

Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service. Sunsilk company promotes their products in many ways. For instance, it offers consumers with products 2 in 1 pack with lower price. Besides, Sunsilk also give out free packs or small bottles of sample to consumer together with the shampoo they purchase. This to be said as promotions is to target the ultimate users of Sunsilk. Besides, it also targets the retailers, wholesalers or distributors of the brand. This is when the marketing intermediaries carries activities like value packs (as mentioned above), trade shows and price deals.

iii) Public relations

Public relations aims to build good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories and events. Public relation can have a strong impact on public awareness at a much lower cost than advertising can. Sunsilk..

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