Summative assessment: public policy evaluation

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Throughout this course, you have critiqued the development and influence of public policy. You have appraised specific justice and security issues facing American society. In this final week, you will evaluate potential conflicts involving public policy and civil rights.

In the field you, will need to be able to communicate the results of your analysis in a way that guides stakeholders through your process, extends understanding of your conclusions, and provokes questions and ideas that pave the way for future research and progress.

You have already drafted an executive summary to use as an introduction for your final narrative.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word addendum to your executive summary (this should be an APA-style paper) in which you describe the policy you have researched, and answer the following questions:

  • -Where is this policy or program in effect? 
  • -Who is in charge of writing this policy? 
  • -Who oversees the enforcement of this policy?
  • -How long has it been in effect? 
  • -What is the goal of the policy? 
  • -Who does the policy benefit? 
  • -Explain how this policy or program impacts civil rights. 
  • -Does this policy affect one group of individuals more than another? Why or why not? 
  • -Explain any changes you would make to this policy to better improve potential conflicts involving civil rights. 
  • -Provide data to support your suggestions.
  • -Headings for the paper should reflect each objective listed here. Do not combine objectives and place each objective in the order as presented in the assignment.

    Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed or similar scholarly references beyond the course texts and associated learning activities to support your assignment. Scholarly sources are publications from professional organizations that are written by academics or other experts which contribute to knowledge in a particular field. Please review the document titled, “Unacceptable web sources,” found in the Course Resources section of the classroom. Your best sources for scholarly material are the university library or possibly Google Scholar.

    Include an APA-formatted reference page.

    Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines. 

    Submit your assignment.

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