Summative assessment: part a: strategic marketing plan | MKT574 | University of Phoenix

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This assessment starts your Strategic Marketing Plan and will be used throughout the course.

Select an actual company to use for this project. [Ideally, pick your own company or company you are familiar with. The more relevant you can make the assignment, the more valuable the learning exercise will be.]  Companies: H-E-B (Texas-based company), Bass Pro Shops, Big R or Tractor Supply.

Note: It will be beneficial to select a company whose company information is easily accessible. While you will base your plan on the actual company, parts of this assignment may require you to use your knowledge and resources to make an informed plan.

Complete Part A of the Strategic Marketing Plan

[Note that the university-provided template is required. Do not attempt to create your own marketing plan outline. During the Live Sessions, I will demonstrate how to use the template to simplify the project.]

Submit your assignment.

Marketing research resources

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