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Write a substantial response including:

Comparison of the voices Charon (bass-baritone) and Orpheus (tenor), description of the instrumentation and explain how the different instruments create a different musical and emotional experience. A quote from the chapter by Thomas Forrest Kelly must be included in your response.   Select a quote that reinforces what you are writing about and set up the quote in such a way that it explicates the meaning. 

Reread/skim the chapter from Music Then and Now.  Since you have heard the music, see if you have additional thoughts, questions or clarifications in the chapter.


O tu ch’innanzi mort’a queste rive

0Possente Spirto 7DqleS5fed4


Other performances (remember you are writing about the music not the performance)


O tu ch’innanzi mort’a queste rive



Possente Spirto

1 page !!  18 hours to finsh it !!

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