Strategic management – week 2 assignment

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Strategic management – week 2 assignment

Toolbox Exercise – Future Headline and Vision Statement

NOTE REGARDING TOOLBOX EXERCISES – These exercises are meant to be cumulative in nature. Each week we will perform an exercise that will serve as the foundation for your Strategic Plan and Final Presentation. Your frame of reference for these exercises should be the shoe company you manager on the Business Simulation Game.

The Toolbox Exercise for Session 2 may seem rather simple but it can be a task in which teams struggle reaching consensus. So, take your time and collaborate. This way you’ll come up with a product everyone will agree upon. Remember, this is another piece of the puzzle that will be your Strategic Plan and Final Presentation. Here is what your team needs to do:

·  Draft a headline which answers the question: What would we like to read as the headline about this organization/company on this date in the year 2037?

·  Based upon this headline, craft your company’s Vision Statement.

·  Later in the strategic management process, refer back to this headline. The strategies are the “how” to achieve the headline.

·  Submit the Vision Statement in the discussion area of the Virtual Team Page.

·  Have your group facilitator submit the Vision Statement to this assignment dropbox.

Week 2 video lecture.

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