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Part A: 

Q1.1. Please share any prior experience you may have had in a steel construction project. Provide some details about this project.

Q1.2. Assume you are a project manager of a steel high-rise building in a dense urban area. It is a design-build project that needs to be built under a tight schedule. How would you describe a successful collaboration between the structural engineer, general contractor, steel fabricator, and erector to meet the schedule? How could each project party adversely affect the schedule? How would you facilitate this collaboration as the general contractor’s project manager? Write a paragraph to discuss.

Part B: 

Q2.1. Please share any prior experience you may have had in a preliminary phase of a project where you were involved in the decision-making process of the structural type. What were the factors considered in the preliminary study?

Q2.2. You read about the uniqueness of the concrete structures in Lesson 3. You read about the uniqueness of the steel structures this week. When would you consider a steel structure over concrete and vice versa considering their advantages and disadvantages? Discuss.

Part C: 

Q3.1. Please share any prior experience you may have had with light gauge steel frame construction.

Q3.2. Discuss where the use of light gauge steel frames should be considered.

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