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The amount of lead in a certain type of soil, when released by a standard extraction method, averages 86 parts per million (ppm). Developers of a new extraction method wondered if their method would extract a significantly different amount of lead. 40 specimens were obtained, with a mean of 83 ppm lead and a sd of 10 ppm. 


a. What type of statistics test is this?


b. What are the conditions for the test and are they satisfied?


c. Define the parameter and population of interest for the hypothesis test.


d. Write the null and alternate hypotheses.


e. What is the test statistic and the p-value of the test?


f. Write the conclusion in the context of the problem, first stating whether you will reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis and what that means. 


g. Construct a 95% Confidence Interval about the mean amount of lead being extracted  using the new method. 

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