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Make sure you read the question and use the proper data set.  Also, provide as much information so it is readily apparent what exercise and part of an exercise you are answering (and it is always a good idea to attach the output).  You might think this goes without saying but you would be surprised.  

Please respond by due date–If first post is 1 day late (-33%), 2 days late (-66%), 3 days late (no points).  Make sure you check to see if you need to respond to any question I might have for you.  PLEASE NOTE–FULL CREDIT IS GIVEN IF EVERYTHING IS CORRECT ON THE FIRST TRY. Revise and Resubmits will be marked down slightly for each resubmit

Based on the PSPP Chi Square Distribution lecture answer the following question

Using the GSS2008 data, examine the relationship between attitudes toward the level of national assistance for childcare (NATCHILD) and the sex of the respondent (SEX). Fill in the following information:

Now perform the analysis with PSPP and find (You need to go to Analyze, Descriptives, Crosstabs–click.  Enter in the appropriate variables–click on statistics on the dialogue box where you enter the variables (for row, column) and make sure the chisq box is checked.)

Percentage of men (out of only men) stating the current level is too little ________________________

Percentage of women (out of only women) stating the current level is too little ________________________

Chi Square significance level ________________________ (Pearson Chi Square Sig)

Is the relationship statistically significant YES NO

How would interpret this result? What might explain why there is or is not a significant difference in the means between the two groups (male and female). The null hypothesis for the Chi Square test is that there is no difference between the mean percentages of the various groups or categories. So, if the result is significant, we can reject (rather than confirm) the null hypothesis and indicate that there is a significant difference.

How would you describe the practical meaning of statistically significant to a group of managers with no experience with statistics or research methods?


Using the GSS2012 data, examine the relationship between sex (SEX) and the belief that a woman will not get a job or promotion over a man (DISCAFFW).

Fill in the following information: 
Make a prediction

What percent of Americans believe women are less likely to get a job or promoted over a man:


Do you think males and females vary on their perspectives on this issue?                          YES    NO

Now perform the analysis with PSPP and find (Remember how to read a table!):

Percentage of men (out of only men) saying “Somewhat Likely”                              __________________

Percentage of women (out of only women) saying “Somewhat Likely”                          __________________

Chi Square significance level         __________________

Is the relationship statistically significant                                        YES     NO

How would interpret this result?  In other words, what might explain why there is or is not a difference between the groups.  Do not just restate the statistics without any interpretation. 

What do the results suggest about perceptions of Affirmative Action?

Attach the SPSS/PSPP data all images 

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