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For this assignment, you will create several spreadsheets in an Excel workbook and demonstrate different functions. Read all the instructions in this module item before you begin. If you are unfamiliar with Excel functions, thoroughly read the Excel Activity Walk Through document provided. If you are familiar with functions used in Excel, you will still want to review the document to see what is expected.

Excel Activity  Workbook Requirements
  • Excel Formulas and FunctionsPreview the documentView in a new window (Excel Activity Walk Through document).
  • For spreadsheet options, go to the Productivity Software module introduced earlier in the course.
  • Label all values and name the worksheet tabs.
  • Apply formatting such as bold text, colors, etc. as appropriate.
  • Save your workbook in .xslx or .xls format.

To prepare for this assignment, view Microsoft’s introductory videos #1, 2, 3, and 10 on functions in the Excel 2013 Course: Excel Functions (Links to an external site.). (Viewing other titles on the webpage is optional).

Spreadsheet Functions Part 1:

  • Create a new spreadsheet that contains three separate data sets. Place each data set onto its own worksheet. See the list of example data sets:
    Temperature of your city for the past 5-10 days
    Scored points per game of your favorite sports team for their past 5-10 games
    Amount you paid for gas for the past few months
    Miles flown/ driven per day/trip etc. for the past month
    Most anything else you can tabulate or can track
  • Use at least four different functions (e.g. SUM, MAX, AVERAGE, MIN, COUNT, etc.) to summarize each data set. You choose which to use.

Spreadsheet Functions Part 2:

  • On another sheet of the same file, create a worksheet that contains data and a calculation determining monthly payments for a proposed purchase.
    Identify your dream vehicle (plane, automobile, boat, etc.) and estimate its cost and the interest rate if you financed its purchase.
    Enter data (loan amount, interest rate, term, etc.) onto spreadsheet and use the PMT function and cell references to determine the monthly payments.

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