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The speech, was written by David Foster Wallace, and it was delivered to the graduating class of 2005 at Kenyon College. Wallace talked about the real importance of having a degree that it is more than “just a material payoff”. He also tells the students that a liberal arts education is all about “teaching you how to think”. This means that it is all about having the choice of what we can think about. He talks about the real values of an education. It is more than the knowledge we learn but more about simple awareness. Wallace goes on with saying that learning how to think also come with becoming less arrogant to the different people around us. As humans, we tend to be very self-centered in everything we do. Wallace says that we need to learn to adjust our “natural default setting” to become less self-centered.

I agree with a lot of what Wallace said in his speech. I think that earning a degree should definitely be more than how much money you will make. It should be about what it means to you as a person. Education is more than just learning information to get by in school and to graduate. It is about learning about yourself and who you as a person and I think that is what college does for people. Wallace is right in saying that knowledge is about the simple awareness and becoming less arrogant. I think that people do think that they are the center of the universe. This way of thought makes a person think they are the most important and that they are right all the time which is not true. Knowledge really is power because it does help people become less self-centered like Wallace states.

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