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  Please answer all parts of the questions. I don’t need a cover page. 


(1)Describe and give an example of each of the sociology’s three research orientations. 


(2)You have been asked by a committee of student success coaches to investigate why the rate at which freshman students post to their course threaded discussions is lower than the rate for other groups of students.  Explain how the symbolic-interactionist perspective would analyze and explain the low posting rate. (In other words consider the contributing factors that the symbolic-interactionist perspective would focus on in trying to explain the reasons for the low rate of students posting to their threads.)  Then discuss a solution that an interactionist might use to encourage freshman students to post.


(3)Contrast mass-society theory with class-society theory and give criticism of each.



(4)Identify and describe the three leadership styles.  Provide examples of these styles in society.



(5) Identify the four patterns of majority/minority interaction.  Discuss the defining characteristics of each pattern, and provide an example for each.

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