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1. According to Hackett Fischer from what parts of Africa did slaves brought to the United States originate? What is significant about the pattern he describes?

2. What is a “cluster”? Why is the discovery of “clusters” a bit of a surprise according to Hackett Fischer considering how you answered question 1?

3. What is the significance of “clusters”? What would they allow African slaves to do?

4. What is genomic evidence and why might it be important to the study of the slave trade?

5. In the beginning of this piece Hackett Fischer states that he wishes to approach his subject the way Herodotus approached historical questions, based upon what you have read so far is Hackett Fischer in fact following Herodotus’s model of inquiry?

If you answer the questions above within the class period then please go on to read pages 15 – 21. Whatever you do not finish in class should be finished for homework.

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