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Sociologists rely on three primary theoretical frameworks: (1) symbolic interactionism, which focuses on the impact of language and human relationships in small group settings (microanalysis); (2) functional analysis, which stresses that society is made up of various parts which, when working properly, contribute to the overall stability of society (macro analysis); and (3) conflict theory, which stresses social inequalities and understands the basis of social life as a constant struggle to gain control over scarce resources (macro analysis).

Because no single theory encompasses all of reality, at different times, sociologists may use any or all of the three theoretical lenses. With each perspective focusing on certain features of social life and each providing its own interpretation, their combined insights yield a more comprehensive picture of social life.

must be at least 250 words 

Discuss each of the three perspectives in your own words and discuss which of the three theoretical perspectives you would use if you were a sociologist. Explain your answer.

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