Social media class – broadcast radio

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Goal: Generate ideas that would improve broadcast radio’s ability to improve their ratings in this on-demand media era.


1.  Listen to a commercial radio station in Cincinnati for 2 consecutive hours starting at the top of an hour.

  • I would like you to listen to one of the following stations: WEBN (102.7 FM), WUBE (105.1 FM), WKRQ (101.9) or WIZF (101.1 FM)

2.  Take notes on what you hear including those elements that you like and don’t like.

3.  Write a 500-750 word letter addressed to the leadership of this radio station that communicates:

  • What you found annoying about this broadcast (be specific)
  • What you liked about their broadcast (be specific)
  • Programming and promotional ideas you have for this station that will help them grow their audience in this on-demand media era.

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