Soap note #1 acute or chronic conditions

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-Pick any “ADULT” Acute or Chronic Disease.  Must use the sample template for your soap note .

 -Templates used from another classes will not be accepted. Student must use the template provided in this class which must clearly contain the progress note (in the Assessment section) of the encounter with the patient ( this section is clearly mark in bold, highlighted  and underlined).

 – Follow the MRU Soap Note Rubric as a guide.

–   Use APA format and must include minimum of 2 Scholarly Citations. 

–  Turn it in Score must be less than 20% or will not be accepted for credit, must be your own work and in your own words.  The use of tempates is ok with regards to Turn it in, but the Patient History, CC, HPI, The Assessment and Plan should be of your own work and individualized to your made up patient. 

 Below I attach the Template, which must be completed in my Soap Note # 1 work and I also attach an example of a Soap Note (herpes Zoster), so that you can be guided by it and see how it is done. In addition, I am attaching 4 Cases, so that you can select one of those cases for my Soap Note # 1 work. I am also attaching the Soap Note Rubric as a guide.


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