Smgt 504 – sport outreach plan – final assignment | SMGT 504 – Foundations of Sport Outreach | Liberty University

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Smgt 504 – sport outreach plan – final assignment | SMGT 504 – Foundations of Sport Outreach | Liberty University

Sport Outreach Plan-Final Assignment



You will submit a final, professional version of your sport outreach plan that includes revisions to your Sport Outreach Plan Comprehensive Draft built on instructor feedback. The assignment is part of a professional style review and revision process with the objective being for you to create a highly polished, flawless, professional quality plan.

The plan should be directed toward a general audience of your program’s hypothetical stakeholders- partners, funding sources, participants, staff- and tell them clearly and concisely what your organization and its activities are all about.

You will submit three Microsoft Word documents-

1. A clean version of the Final Sport Outreach Plan

2. A version that uses the track changes function and your comments where necessary to clearly indicate where your revisions were made and what the revisions are.

3. A well-organized and clear log of all changes and revisions from the Sport Outreach Plan Comprehensive Draft.


The plan should:

· Include at least ten full pages of text.

o This excludes a title page, abstract, reference page(s) and any appendices

· Be in APA format (the most current edition)

· Include at least nine sources supporting the work should be formally cited and listed in the reference page.

· Include a minimum of eight sources that are external to the course, i.e. in addition to the course text and any readings provided within the course.

· Not use direct quotations of others’ writing.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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