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A Situational Analysis from a Marketing/Promotions perspective (which is different than a
strategic analysis) is designed to gather the information that identifies internal information about
products, relevant company information, and sales history. From an external perspective this
Promotions Project: Situational Analysis Assignment will research the relevant factors
of demand associated with the company/products/industry that is beyond the firm’s control. Many
academicians and businessmen are convinced that all new product ideas, new market segments, and product expansions are derived from the factors that shift demand (aka the external factors of
the firm). In marketing and promotions, understanding the external demand factors is very
Important. Here is a partial list of the external factors that shift demand:

 Demand Curve Shifters
 Consumer tastes and preferences
 Demographic
 Economic
 Natural
 Technological
 Political/Legal
 Social/Cultural
 Competitors (what they are doing and planning to do)
 Substitute Products


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