Signature assignment: profile of a graduate

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 # This assignment helps to ensure that you will be mindful of the PROFILE OF GRADUATE characteristics throughout your degree program and to build unique, personal, and meaningful connections between your chosen characteristics.   

#  You will use the two characteristics that I chose and form a comparison between them, using the research you completed during your previous Research Diary Log. 


1) Title page

2) Introduction:

 Introducing the two Profile characteristics (1 paragraph)

3) Body:  

  • Profile Characteristic Number 1: Explanation and discussion (2–3 paragraphs)
  • Profile Characteristic Number 2: Explanation and discussion (2–3 paragraphs)

 4) Conclusion: Connecting the two Profile characteristics (1 paragraph)

 5) Reference list 

# The two profile of graduate characteristics that I choose are:

I. Professionalism in Nursing AND

II. Interpersonal Communication Skills in Nursing

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