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Begin working on the short paper in Week 4. It is due at the end of Week 7.

This assignment is based on the week four reading, Chapter 19 in Meyer’s Everything Economic Book, and on a summary of an article by Richard E. Rice called “Biodiversity Conservation, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development.” As the assignment directions explain, you may also use and cite additional materials.

Use the two attached Word documents to get started. Please download them and read them both carefully.

In week 7, you will return to this assignment submission tool to turn in your work.

Attachments Overview

  1. Assignment directions and details:  Econ 103 Benefits and Costs of Economic Growth.docx
  2. Summary of Rice’s “Biodiversity Conservation, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development.”: Cons Econ Growth & Sust Dev_Smry.docx.

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