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English 1302

Short Academic Response #2: Movie Review

Arguments based on facts and reason

(based on Everything’s an Argument, )

Write a 1.5 – 2 page response on the following. Be sure to review the attached rubric as a reminder of how Reader

Response papers will be graded.

Find a full review of a recent film that you either enjoyed or did not enjoy. Using testimony from that review, write a brief

argument to your classmates explaining why they should see that movie (or why they should avoid it), being sure to use

evidence from the review fairly and reasonably. You must include a copy of your film review with your paper.

In your first paragraph, give the type, title, and the source of the film review and some general introductory comments

on your film.

In paragraph 2:

Who is arguing and what (if any) credentials or expertise does this person have?

What purpose is the writer trying to achieve? (See the subheadings in Chapter 4)

paragraph 3:

Who is the argument directed to? (Who is the target audience?)

In paragraph 4:

Do you think the argument’s purpose was achieved? Why or why not?

What appeals does the reviewer make and how?

Your Short Academic Response #2 is due by Sunday, February 2, by 11:59 pm. No late responses will be accepted.

ENGL 1302

Reader Responses

Reader Responses are short (1.5 – 2 page) written assignments that respond to course readings.

Specific topics and deadlines will be announced as the course progresses, but these are the

general requirements for all Reader Responses.

Format – Double space. Use 12-pt Times New Roman font. Include a heading, header, and title

as required for MLA style (covered in your text books). To avoid plagiarism, cite any

information taken from outside sources including from the text book. Use MLA-style citations.

Mechanics – Although these are not formal essays, they should be edited as carefully as your

major essay assignments.After you draft and revise the content of the Response, after you work

on the organization, spend some additional time editing and proofreading. Eliminate grammar

errors, punctuation errors, and other surface issues that can make your writing confusing or less

convincing to readers.

Organization – All Reader Responses should include well-organized paragraphs with topic

sentences and supporting evidence. Specific assignments may give a number of paragraphs or

other directions about organization.

Content – Specific content will be assigned for each Reader Response throughout the semester.

Each assignment will require you to read carefully and think critically about what you have



All Reader Responses will be graded on a scale of 0 to 100 using the following rubric:

Excellent (5) Good (4) Acceptable (3) Marginal (2) Poor (1) No Credit (0)

Response includes Response follows Response follows Response follows Response has at Response has at

a brief, accurate the assignment but the assignment but the assignment but least one of the least one of these

summary as would benefit has at least one of has at least one of following issues: issues: is outside

instructed from additional the following the following is mostly the specified word

followed by supporting details, issues: needs issues: includes summary, is count, is off topic,

insightful more effective additional too much highly repetitive, was not submitted

analysis/response organization, or supporting details, summary and too is inaccurate or by the deadline,

as instructed. It is more careful needs better little superficial in was not submitted

detailed, well- editing. It is organization, or analysis/response, summarizing the in the specified

organized, and correctly needs additional has weak assigned reading, format, and/or

well-edited. It is formatted. editing. May also organization, has is very otherwise fails to

correctly have formatting numerous disorganized, or is follow the

formatted. issues. grammar and unedited/riddled assignment.

mechanics errors. with surface

May also have errors. May be

formatting issues. incorrectly


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