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1. Create a brief summary of the research method, and then design your plan to use to investigate your research topic.

2. Select a method and design appropriate for a Ph.D. study.  Ph.D. quantitative studies must demonstrate both internal and external validity (e.g., large, random samples, statistical power, and representativeness). 

– Your summary must address the following:

  1. Note a specific      method and design you plan to use in your research.
  2. Describe and substantiate the appropriateness of the method and      design to respond to the stated problem, purpose, and research questions.
  3. Note how      the proposed method and design accomplish the study goals, why      the design is the optimum choice for the proposed research, and how      the method aligns with the purpose and research questions. 
  4. Provide appropriate foundational research method support for the      proposed study design.
  5. Explain the particular data gathering techniques and data analysis      processes.  The sample size of the study population should be      identified and must be appropriate and justified based on the nature of      the study design. The quantitative analysis must include justified sample      size determination. 

Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference pages

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