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Respond to this discussion post below by by sharing your thoughts on their specialty, supporting their choice or offering suggestions. 150-200 words APA format, 2 APA references and 2 in text citations for each discussion post 

Discussion 1

It  was challenging to decide which nursing specialty to choose within the MSN program. At first, I was stuck between Family Nurse Practioner and Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The choice was challenging because I work on a step-down unit with most of my patients being older adults. I chose Family Nurse Practitioner for many reasons. First, I can treat various patients instead of specializing in one area. FNP can care for infants, adolescents, adults, and seniors (AANP, 2019). The variety of patients FNPs can care for opens up more job opportunities. Second, I can work in many areas, like private clinics, health care systems, community health centers, and universities (AANP, 2019). The last reason is that FNPs can obtain additional certifications. Those certifications can include pain, obesity management, and diabetes (AANP, 2019). I plan to get my certification in diabetes and obesity management. I want to help my patients control their diabetes to the best of my ability and help those who struggle with obesity. Board Certified- Advanced Diabetes Management helps practitioners skillfully adjust medications, counsel patients on lifestyle modifications, address psychosocial issues, mentor, research, and treat/monitor acute and chronic complications and other comorbidities (ADCES, n.d.). This will build on my knowledge of diabetes to provide high-quality care to my diabetic patients. The Obesity Management in Primary Care Training and Certificate Program is designed to aid Nurse practitioners in developing skills required for obesity management in primary care practices (AAPA, 2023). This certification will allow me to develop the knowledge and skills to treat obese patients effectively.  

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is an organization that is affiliated with my chosen specialty. The nurse practitioner membership costs 150 dollars annually. I must first become board-certified to join this organization as an NP member.  The AANP is an opportunity to make a measurable difference in my profession and the country’s health (AANP, n.d.). I could also join this organization as a student. The annual fee for students is 55 dollars annually. I am eligible to join now because I am enrolled in an entry-level program with no education for a nurse practitioner. 

Discussion 2

The process of focusing and developing into an authority in a subject or ability is known as specialization. It allows medical practitioners to narrow down on one of the thousands of facets of their area. This will enable individuals to stand out from the crowd and follow their passions. One of the remarkable things about concentrating on nursing is the incredible independence it offers. Sometimes, there are too many possibilities. For this reason, this procedure typically takes place later in a nurse’s career. Once they have had some opportunity to discover what piques their interest at work and accumulate experience, everything can influence your choice, including prior employment, patient contacts, and relationships with family members.

Choosing to become a family nurse practitioner was not difficult because I had been a pediatrician for ten years before I relocated to this country. Being a family nurse practitioner is expanding my scope of practice by giving care to all lifespans. Along with my three years of experience providing adult and geriatric acute care, my bachelor’s degree in nursing has enabled me to become a skilled and qualified registered nurse. I chose to specialize in family nurse practitioner (FNP) because I am interested in adult and geriatric care and want to grow in my nursing career. It is encouraging to learn that the demand for nurse practitioners is rising in light of the current scarcity of primary care physicians in the healthcare system. “Fellowship programs have emerged as a way for NPs to specialize their practice and meet the needs of an expanding health care system,” according to Keefe Marcoux, (2019). The most rewarding work I will do in my nursing career will be selecting family nurse practitioners as my specialty. It will give me career and job satisfaction.

RNs with diverse specializations may be members of several organizations. Because multiorganization membership can be expensive, nurses may evaluate which memberships are most beneficial (Echevarria, 2018). The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is one of the professional associations connected to my area of interest. According to PR Newswire (2019), AANP is “the oldest and largest national membership organization for nurse practitioners (NPs) of all specialties.” The association will allow me to network with professionals from different specialties and years of experience. AANP promotes and supports professional fulfillment throughout all practice areas, focusing on offering every patient an unmatched caliber of treatment. Joining is easy; register on their website with Annual Dues: $55 for students and $95 for those with prior NP certification.

In conclusion, specializing in family nursing has been my long-term goal since entering nursing school. As for me, it was a relatively easy choice to make because I want to expand my scope of practice from pediatrics to care for all ages. Being a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners will help advance my career by providing networking opportunities. 

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