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For this assignment, you will be creating a narrated PowerPoint on the application of the 2021 AACN Essentials. Please complete the two-part assignment below.

Part 1:  View Video Tutorials

Regardless of your experience level with PowerPoint, please view both of the video tutorials below.

Part 2:  Narrated PowerPoint

Create a 5-6 slide narrated PowerPoint (including title slide and reference slide).  Refer to the 2021 AACN Essentials linked below and choose one domain and one or more advanced-level nursing education sub-competencies within that domain.  For the narrated PowerPoint, briefly describe one chosen domain.  Then provide supporting information on how you, as a future DNP nurse, will carry out one or more advanced-level sub-competencies in the DNP role. Use narration within the PowerPoint and provide speaker notes at the bottom of each slide.  Please use creative slide design, at least one picture, and cite slides according to APA style. In addition, please clearly identify the domain and advanced-level sub-competencies by using AACN’s number/letter naming convention on your slides (Ex. Domain 2: Person-Centered Care; 2.1e Foster caring relationships).

Review the AACN Essentials- Advanced Level Competencies (Links to an external site.) (Page 27-54) 

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