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Business case:  Bule Sky Airport (second improvement of the project ) 

Migrating to the Cloud: You were tasked to improve the performance of the Bule Sky Airport IT system.  

There are three databases:

  • The passenger database will record and authenticate each passenger in the airport
  • The employee database will record and authenticate each employee in the airport
  • The flight database will record each flight in the airport

After having meetings with the airport owners and managers, the following IT-related system comments will be moved to the cloud.

Database and Database management systems are on premises for all three (Passenger, Employee, and Flights). Therefore, current data related to Passengers and data related to Flights data will be on preemies.  Cloud storage will be used for long-term data storage.  Week-old Passenger data will be stored on the cloud and Week-old Flight data will also be stored on the cloud as well.  The airport IT system will not keep old Passenger and Flight data on the premises.

Data related to Employees will be kept on the premises always.

The Airport company’s specific privacy requirements

  • Security certifications ISO 27001, NIST CSF, and FedRAMP should be met by the cloud service provider(s). 
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) should be met by the cloud service provider(s). 

Answer the airport owners’ questions about cloud migration.

Question 1:  What would be the System Requirements that you look for in the cloud service provider.?

Question 2: How would you protect your data before cloud migration? You should consider the company’s specific privacy requirements

Question 3: What are the Budget factors of the current data center before cloud migration? What would be the impact of the cloud migration on the budget in long term?

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