Seating patterns related to course performance by using an array of

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Write a program that explores the seating patterns related to course performance by using an array of student scores. The program should do the following:

o Draw a seating chart of the classroom.

o Show where people sit and use color coding on the seats to indicate the student’s current level of performance. The color-coding scheme should be as follows:

 Red—For students who are below the class mean§ 
 Yellow—For students who are at or above the mean but below 90 percent§ 
 Green—For students who are in the top 10 percent§

• The program should use the following:

o A two-dimensional array of student scores instead of a one-dimensional array.
o The two-dimensional array of scores having the same number of rows and columns as the arrangement of seats in the classroom.

• Save the program as Seating.cpp



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