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I chose to conduct my research on the public school comparing and contrasting to home schooling. I picked these two types of schools to analyses because I felt they are both out to achieve the same goals from completely different atmospheres. In this paper I will discuss the different goals of the two different school types, as well as curriculum, standardized testing, and why parents pick the type of school they do for their child. I conducted an interview with a teacher at Victor Valley high school, by the name of Mrs.

Felix, I chose her because I felt she was a good candidate plus she is not only an honors English major, but she teachers it and is head chairmen of the English department. I asked her what the goal of her school was, and she replied by saying “to keep the students safe, teaching them well, and preparing them for the future,” which I felt are all important aspects of teaching. I then proceeded to ask Mrs. Felix what is her role in achieving these goals. Mrs. Felix said “Teachers are a major stakeholder in achieving this goal, but daily interactions with the students help in achieving these goals.

” I asked her what she thought about state wide testing and how it affected her daily curriculum. Mrs. Felix replied “state testing has in a lot of ways taken the excitement out of teaching not in all aspects but in many. ” “We basically teach to test, it makes teaching difficult when you have students who don’t care to learn or who have trouble learning. ” “It makes my job stressful, I will admit but you take the good with the bad. ” One thing that Mrs. Felix said that I liked is how the school staff becomes responsible for the students problems outside school.

I feel like disruptions like these are what do take away from education and I do feel like these are the kind of problems that could be resolved if more parents cared about their child life and what is going on in it. The research that I did on home schooling I asked the same questions but to a few different people who I knew. The major goal for home schooling was for their children to learn in a safe, comfortable environment. The children do not have to deal with peer pressure but in a lot of aspects they do loose on the socialization that school has to offer.

One parent made it clear to me that because it is home school does not mean it is in any way easier. They are pushed hard and if not hared then public school students. As far as a daily curriculum goes it is up to the parents or person teaching how they want to conduct their lessons for the elementary level. When the students get in to the high school level it is different. For instance the students are required to take the high school level classes and in order to graduate home school students have to take and pass one of the following tests; SAT, PAST, ACT or California proficiency exam.

Over all the lady I interviewed for home schooling felt the reason she had home schooled was due to the fact her children have had poor education from public schools. Lolita also told me about all the help there is out there, with starting home schools and running them. She said people are so nice and helpful. It was so different from dealing with the public schools. Lolita said they have conventions, trips and seminars for these parents who home school, to become educated in all areas and are able to pick up materials from theses workshops.

I looked up different web sites and wanted more reasons why parents chose to home school and these where the results. “According to a survey done by Trinity University, the following are the reasons why parents home school their children;” (L) * 48. 9 percent believe that they can provide a better education for their children at home * 38. 4 percent cite religious reasons for home schooling * 25. 6 percent believe that there is a poor learning environment at traditional schools * 16. 8 percent cite family reasons * 15. 1 percent home school to develop morals and character in their children * 12.

1 percent object to what is taught in traditional schools * 11. 6 percent believe traditional schools don’t challenge their child * 9. 0 percent cite behavior problems * 8. 2 percent have a child with special needs. Over all I think both types of schools have to offer excellent goals if done correctly. For my personal experience I would prefer to teach public school. My daughter goes to public school and despite all the drama we hear that goes on, I think from a parent’s point of view it is important for children to socialize to a certain extent with peers.

I did do research on the school I sent my child to and volunteered a couple of times. The only thing that scares me about public schooling is the violence. But we can’t shelter our kids from it, it is everywhere; Park, malls, restaurants. I think what would drive me to teach at a public is regardless of what people may think or feel I believe public schooling is important. For the children whose parents can’t afford higher education it is us to be the savors of the new generation. And I think we (new Teachers) need to prove to everyone that public schools are not dump grounds and put some faith back in the education system.

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