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Scenario: Intraoffice Communication

You are a supervisor at your company. You’ve overheard Employee A making offensive comments to other employees, and Employee B has complained about these comments. You’ve given Employee A a verbal warning in the past regarding these kinds of comments, but you’ve hesitated to put anything in writing because you know that your boss’s and Employee A’s children go to school together, play sports together, and that the parents all socialize.

However, Employee A’s comments are only becoming more offensive and widespread. You realize that it was an error to not address this behavior in writing and on record before, and it is time to give Employee A a written warning for this conduct because it is both damaging to the office culture, as well as putting the company at risk for litigation.

Please compose a message to Employee A (that you will copy HR on) explaining the write up and requesting Employee A take a mandatory training course on corporate culture and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This message should serve as a follow up to a verbal conversation, as it is generally more appropriate to deliver bad news in person if at all possible.

In the scenario, you will need to choose a channel (in this case an email is the chosen channel) for your message and make sure that you’ve used the appropriate document design for that channel.

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