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Need at least one Page for this section

Language Selection

What are the languages used in today’s business development environment, and where does C#.NET fit in? compare and contrast the major development languages and explain why you’d choose C#.NET. What does the .NET mean? other than windows, what other interface modalities exist that users might employee to get information from your database? Explain what an IDE is. Most likely you will have a table or chart for comparisons. Be sure to list all of your references for the information on programming languages and related tools.

Need at least 2 pages with a diagram

Data Validation

describe the different ways in which data validation can occur to ensure the integrity of the database. First of all, why do we need data validation? Shouldn’t we just collect the data available no matter if it is right or wrong? At what stage should the data be validated in a system? What are the risks of accepting bad data? Should we reject data that is probably good if we can’t prove it is good?

How do validation considerations change when the data comes from a file, like an XML file, versus when it comes from interaction from a user, such as on a web page? What is the difference between client-side and server-side validation? Can you think of some diagrams that might help us to understand your explanation? 

Testing: A paragraph or two

What are strategies to use in testing? How do you prove to the stakeholders that the testing was successful? What do you do with testing data? What do you do if there is a testing failure?

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