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For this written assignment, students will first choose one of the 18 IC members, not including the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).  Next, students will conduct open-source research to gather information to provide a white paper on the chosen IC member.  Due to the page expectation, students will need to provide necessary detail, but also practice writing concisely.  Therefore, the final written product needs to be informative, yet concise.  

This assignment requires the production of a six (6) page paper that uses/cites at least ten (10) academic, peer-reviewed scholarly sources.  Students may use more than the required number of sources, but at least ten (10) are required to be academic, peer-reviewed scholarly sources.  Further, at least five (5) of the ten (10) academic, peer-reviewed scholarly sources are required to be published within the last five (5) years.  In addition, the paper must be formatted per the Chicago Manual of Style to include the use of author-date format for citations and references, double-spacing of the text, use of Times New Roman 12-point font, and use of one (1) inch page margins.  

A sample paper in Chicago Manual of Style author-date format can be found at:

.  Use this sample paper as a resource to properly setup and format your MS Word document.  Proficiency in common workplace applications is an important skill in the professional workforce and you will work on your proficiency through the formatting of a MS Word document in the Chicago Manual of Style author-date format.        

Paper Outline

An outline for the white paper is provided below.  Students should provide equal coverage to all identified sections.  The paper should not have an abundance of discussion in one or two sections with the other sections lacking overall discussion.  

Title Page: Unless otherwise specified, students should always use a title paper for any written assignment.  The title of the paper should be brief but should adequately inform the reader of the general topic and focus of the paper.  Follow the Chicago Manual of Style for requirements for the title page, but at a minimum it needs to include the paper title, student name, and the corresponding course name and number.  

Introduction:  In this section, students will provide an overview of the topic they are writing about and a concise synopsis of what will be discussed throughout the paper.  This section should be concise and be comprised of one well-developed paragraph and it must include a thesis statement—your claim about the future of the IC member you chose and the support for that claim.  

Origin and Establishment:  In this section, students will describe the origin and establishment of the chosen IC member agency.  Within the discussion, students should discuss how and why the IC member agency was established.  

Critical Events:  In this section, students will detail the notable events in the history of the chosen IC member agency.  Students should pay particular focus on those critical events that impacted the chosen IC member agency the most.    

Current Issues: In this section, students will discuss the current issues the chosen IC member agency is facing and how the agency is acting to address these issues.

Projected Future: In this section, students will analyze where the chosen IC member agency is headed over the next decade.  

Conclusion: This section will concisely review the main points from the paper.  This section should be concise and be comprised of one well-developed paragraph.  The conclusion is also called the “so what” section of the paper.  Therefore, the conclusion is not a repeat of the paper, but rather summaries information to enable the reader to see how the original thesis statement is supported through the information provided throughout the paper.  For those students needing assistance with writing a conclusion, please review the information on the APUS

Writing a Conclusion
as well as the Writer’s Reference Center

Writing a Conclusion

References: This section will contain all references, cited in the Chicago Manual of Style author-date format, properly indented, and alphabetically arranged.  Please note the references that you select will be evaluated for their academic rigor.  The use of Wikipedia, encyclopedias, standard dictionaries, and similar online reference sources are not acceptable in graduate level writing.  Before using sources, students should evaluate all sources using the CRAAP model, which is employed throughout academia.  The acronym CRAAP defines the five (5) criteria used for evaluation of sources: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose.

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