Ropes Course Experience sample essay

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Ropes Course Experience sample essay

Attending a ropes course seemed as a very silly idea to me at first but going through that experience made me change my mind about it. Having to go with other people whom I didn’t know for a full day activity that involved groups of people scared me a little. During the day, we were involved in many activities that encouraged us to get engaged with each other. Many of the activities required aspects such as communications, problem solving, decision making, development of trust and most importantly group cohesion.

During the first part of the day, we did some activities that involved getting together in groups of approximately nine students each. The essence of the groups was to figure out a way of getting from one place to another by using some wooden pieces. The whole purpose of the game was getting we as the students involved with one another. When we were set in starting to work on solving the game, we as a group had to use lot of verbal communications between us. During the process, some members of the group stepped up as leaders and tried to impose their ideas on the other members.

I was a follower at the beginning until I saw that the current leaders were not performing well. On the other hand, when the other students realized that they were just being instructed by other students like them, they stepped out one by one until everybody in the group cohered together and started trusting each other in examining their different ideas and solutions. Another game that we got engaged in involved all the students that were present at that ropes course day. We started the game by having an analysis on the meaning of a phrase that was said by the ropes course coach.

As a big group, we had to think deeply on the meaning of the phrase and the possible application of the phrase. However, it was a big challenge for the students in trying and testing the ideas of the phrase. It took a couple of trials in getting to the right action which would then be followed by a couple of repetitions once we got it. The reason behind it was because some students failed to comply with the suggested actions. The students had no trust with the leaders and therefore did not feel that they were doing the right thing.

Our last activity during the course was in my opinion considered adventurous. We were given some safety equipments to wear for a climbing. We had a chance of trying ourselves in rock climbing and other climbing games. During the climbing, trust was a big issue because there were three beliers on the ground that helped us in keeping the climber safe and provide us with help in case it was needed. Therefore, the climber had to really trust the capability and ability of the beliers.

I think communication was a big factor because the climber was at a high level from ground so he/she basically had to provide non verbal communications for the beliers to keep them understanding the situation. However, everybody else who waited for a climbing turn had to keep on cheering the climber so that they who were climbing would not feel like they were going through the experience alone. Negative comments were something that had to be prevented to keep the climber feeling good (Harris, 2005).

From my experience, I would say that this course brought the students in the class closer with one another which gave them the opportunity for knowing one another. It also helped in building relationships as well as making people escape from their daily routines and the school atmosphere that they were used in interacting with one another. In describing the list of motivators for the personal leisure experience, both post ropes course and pre ropes course were very surprising to me.

When I first filled out the assessment for the pre ropes course, I was not really thinking what I could expect from the course. However, after attending the course, I found that there were more motivators that had to be considered prior to choosing some of the motivators that I had rated better than the pre ropes course. Having attended the course, you would really realize that when you are involved within a group of people in doing activities together, it gets you in having a feeling of belongingness, have mental relaxation and associating with others that enjoy the activities above other aspects.

Additionally, after taking the course I realized that taking chances was a motivation that rated higher than the assumption I had before taking the course. To my personal thinking, this was attributed to the feeling of belongingness while in the group. The group members would make you feels better about yourself and therefore encourages you to take the chance that you might not be able to take if you were on your own (Harris, 2005).

The most important motivator in leisure is the ability of being able to escape from the boredom of the daily routines and relax mentally. I can probably say that dirt biking, watching a movie and working out are the activities that bring me the highest leisure satisfaction. At my personal level however, the least satisfactory activities include reading books, hunting and fishing. I do not spend a lot of the time satisfying my leisure because of the nature of my work and the school schedule that prevent me from spending enough time satisfying my leisure needs.

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