Rhetoric in contemporary culture – short essay

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Assessing Evidence and Appeal

Advertisements are a form of argument that we encounter on a daily basis. We are subjected to multiple television ads, radio ads, print ads, billboards, and more. In this assignment, you will analyze the effectiveness of a product of your choice.


Complete the following tasks for this assignment:


Task 1: Choose a product that you are familiar with and analyze at least three different advertisements for this product or similar products; you can use commercials, print advertisements, etc. Study the different ways in which the three advertisements persuade the audience to purchase the same or similar product. What types of evidence and appeals are used in the advertisements? 


Task 2: Write a short advertisement to sell the product or similar product using the best practices of argument. Remember that the purpose of an advertisement is to argue the validity of the product, much like the purpose of your research paper, which is to argue the validity of your points.


Submission Requirements: 

Submit your response to the assignment in a minimum of 250 words in a Microsoft Word document.

Font: Arial, 12 point, double-spaced


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