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Sam 1

Kay Sam

Professor Macia Rotme

English 1302

1July 2023

Postcolonial Approach: “A Wall of Fire Rising” by Edwidge Danticat

In Edwidge Danticat’s short story “A Wall of Fire Rising,” she explores the consequences of postcolonialism on Haitian citizens. The narrative is centered on a family grappling with poverty and struggling with their dreams and ambitions in the aftermath of colonial rule by the French colonizers. By applying a postcolonial lens to the narrative, this essay sheds light on the effects of historical oppression on the characters and their pursuit of a more promising future.

The story takes place in post-colonial Haiti, where the legacy of oppression continues to overshadow the dreams and aspirations of a marginalized population. Guy, one of the key characters in the narrative, hopes of fleeing poverty in Haiti reflect the nation’s overall impact of postcolonial influences. This symbolizes the challenges faced by the Haitian people after the French colonial rule in the country. Guy’s obsession with the hot-air balloon, a symbol of freedom and escape, reflects his desire to escape the socioeconomic restraints imposed by colonial powers.

To support my research, I will incorporate postcolonial literature by experts. The sources will offer credible insights into the cultural and historical context of “A Wall of Fire Rising” and help understand the characters’ challenges. For instance, Go Julian explores how colonialism’s impact on culture, language, and social structures led to redefining individual and collective identities in the Caribbean region. A study by Seraphin also emphasizes the struggles the characters faced, highlighting the hardships the Haitians faced. Additionally, Henry Heller’s article offers insight into the historical context of the Haitian struggle for independence and the challenges that follow their after.

Works Cited

Go, Julian. “Relational sociology and postcolonial theory: sketches of a “postcolonial relationalism”.” 
The palgrave handbook of relational sociology (2018): 357-373.

Heller, Henry. “Hegel, Haiti and revolution: the post-colonial moment.” 
Third World Quarterly 41.8 (2020): 1442-1461.

Seraphin, Hugues. “The past, present and future of Haiti as a post-colonial, post-conflict and post-disaster destination.” 
Journal of Tourism Futures 4.3 (2018): 249-264.


Answer with a sentence or two minimum


1. Is there a clear heading that follows MLA formatting guidelines?

2. Are there any changes that should be made to the formatting of the essay? Please be specific.

3. Is the topic made clear in the introduction?

4. Is there a title? Is it informative and creative?

5. Does the thesis function as an anchor for the rest of the essay? In other words, does the rest of the essay support the argument presented in the thesis?

6. Are the points of support that the author uses clear?

7. Is there clear evidence of primary textual support being used?

8. Is there evidence from the secondary sources to support these points?

9. Are the body paragraph organized in a logical manner that either follows the organizational plan set in the thesis or by points of support?

10. Are the primary sources, secondary sources, and provided evidence integrated well into essay?

11. Are the sources and evidence used properly cited?

12. Are there any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors in the essay? Either mark on the essay or provide specific examples.

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