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1) Write an evaluation of a local business (coffee shop, restaurant, bowling alley, etc…)

2) Write an evaluation of a product (speakers, camera, computer, bicycle, etc…)

Your goal in writing an evaluation, (often called a “review”), is to give objective information on the pros and cons of your subject. A review includes both the good and the bad aspects of the subject and tells an audience what they can expect if they go to the restaurant or if they buy the product. Reviews also include examples of how the business or product measures up to its competition, so you will need to provide a comparison to a similar business or product in your essay.


For writing about a business:

1. Choose a place you have never been to before

2. Go to the business with a list of categories you will be evaluating. The list needs to anticipate what your audience expects you to address. For a restaurant, this list includes the following:

a. atmosphere of the restaurant (décor, lighting, noise level, other diners)

b. quality of the service (knowledgeable? attentive? fast?)

c. menu options (appetizers? entrees? desserts? children’s menu? bar?)

d. food quality and presentation (what does it look like? is it good?)

e. price (reasonable, expensive, etc…)

3. Using your personal experience, evaluate each of the above categories

4. Compare the business to another place you are familiar with

a. Establish your credibility as a writer

b. Identify the categories you examined and what your standards are

c. Write the review to an audience who is considering going to the business you evaluated


For writing about a product:

1. Choose a product that you know something about

2. Write a list of categories you will be evaluating when you examine or use the product. The list needs to anticipate what your audience would expect you to address. For instance, if you were reviewing a new mountain bike, your categories could include the following:

a. construction (frame and components)

b. utility (how well the parts perform together)

c. design (how cool it looks)

d. price (how disastrous this is to your financial well-being)

3. Examine and use the product, noting how well it measures-up to the standards you have listed in #2

4. Compare the product to a similar product

5. Write up your findings in an essay

a. Establish your credibility as a writer

b. Identify the categories you examined and what your standards are

c. Write the review to an audience who is considering purchasing (or using) the product you evaluated

For your Essay, no matter which option you choose:

Title: Use a title that names your topic.

Example: Review of Sonus Faber Speakers

Introduction: Write one paragraph introducing your topic. Establish your familiarity with your topic, include your standards of evaluation, and conclude the opening paragraph with a thesis statement.

Thesis statement: Your thesis statement needs to give your overall evaluation of the business or product.

Example: Montes in Fargo provides diners with a classy atmosphere, excellent service, and unique, expensive menu items.

Example: If consumers can afford the hefty price-tag, Sonus Faber’s beautifully crafted 3-Way Chameleon T speakers deliver excellent sound quality and a full tonal range.

Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph will need to start with a main claim that supports and advances your thesis statement. Each of the categories you examined for your review will need their own paragraph. Use your observations as support for your claims. Include a comparison to a similar business or product, and also include your analysis/commentary about the category.

Conclusion: Provide a wrap-up to the essay. You can urge your audience to do something in the conclusion (buy the product, stay away from the restaurant, try a different bowling alley, etc…).

Voice/Style: Be objective. Don’t use exclamation points. Do not use “you.” Avoid over-using “I.” Your thesis statement and main claims cannot include any reference to yourself.

What to do: Diners will appreciate the outstanding service at Montes.

What not to do: I really liked the service, and you will too.


1. Establish and apply clear criteria for judging the restaurant, coffee shop, product, etc.. What,
exactly, will you be judging?

2. Separate your own emotional response from your job as a critic. You need to be objective in your review. You would not, for instance, want to say, “I always go to Atomic Coffee, and I love it; therefore, the coffee shop deserves the grade of “A!!!”

3. Give the establishment an overall grade (A, B, C, D, or F) and justify your rating. **You can be creative here (three out of four forks; nine out of ten bowling pins, etc…). The overall rating is found at the end of the paper (see #9, below)

4. Use engaging language to write your review.

5. Include comparisons when appropriate. Remember, your audience has never been to the restaurant or coffee shop, so you should provide them with comparisons to places they are familiar with. The same applies to a product: assume your audience has not tried-out the product and they’re relying on you to give them a fair assessment of the product so they can decide whether or not they should try it out on their own.

6. Please do not review a place where you have been (or currently are) employed. Remember, you will need to be objective when you write your review, and often, employees can’t be objective about the place where they work.

7. If you use the same language as found in the menu, enclose the borrowed words in quotation marks.

8. This paper needs to be written entirely by you. Do not access the internet or any other source for any ideas, phrases, facts, or reviews. Doing so is plagiarism.

This item applies to students who are reviewing a business: Include all the pertinent information you would normally find in a review. You should place this information at the end of your essay:


hours of operation

phone number

method of payment accepted

dress (casual? formal?)

reservations needed?

atmosphere B

service rating A

food rating A depending on the topic, these

B aspects may change

overall rating B+

This item applies to students who are reviewing a product. List your categories and provide a score for each. The categories will be dependent on whatever you’re reviewing. This example is about Sonus Faber speakers:

Sound Quality A

Tonal Range A

Craftsmanship A


Overall Rating: A

Purpose: Your purpose in writing this objective review essay is to inform your audience about the pros and cons of your subject.

Audience: Residents of your local community. You need to assume that your audience has had no experience with the subject of your review.

Grading: When I grade your final product, I’ll look for a strong thesis that is supported and developed in each of the sections of the paper. I will check that you’ve supported your thesis with a number of distinct claims, supported in well-developed paragraphs with specific support. Make sure that you provide a comprehensive introduction and conclusion, and that you focus your paragraphs with strong main claims (topic sentences) and transitions. Take care that your established criteria apply logically and coherently to the subject under review. Use engaging prose when writing about the establishment, and finally, remember to proofread your work for lapses in style and mechanics.


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