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CEL 514

Article Review

(2 Article Reviews – One on Phonemic Awareness and One on Phonics @ 15 Points Each)

(Course Objectives 2, 5 and 7)

Phonemic Awareness Article – McGee, L. M., & Ukrainetz, T. A. (2009). Using scaffolding to teach phonemic awareness to kindergarten.
Teacher, 62 (7).

Phonics Article – Moats, L. C. (2005/06). How spelling supports reading: And why it is more regular and predictable than you may think.
American Educator, 12-43.

Read the assigned article that was provided for you in class. Provide the bibliographic information for the article. Summarize the article and discuss three ways that you can apply the information to your own classroom practices. This assignment must be typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font, and double spaced. Label each section of your article review – Bibliographic Information, Summary, and Application to Classroom Instruction.

Please use the following format and note the grading scale:

Bibliographic Information _____/3 points

Use the APA format demonstrated in class.

Summary (1 paragraph)
_____/5 points

Summarize the content of the article without injecting your

personal opinion. Highlight the key points.

Application to Classroom Instruction (1 paragraph) _____/5 points

Discuss how you can apply the article information to your

own future instructional practices as they relate to literacy.

Professional and correct writing _____/2 points

Use the correct APA format for the bibliographic entry.

Proofread carefully to eliminate composition errors.

Total possible points _____/15 points


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