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For this assignment, create a responsibility matrix for the WAG expansion project that you have just been hired as an Assistant Project Manager. You will be using the RACI matrix design that you learned about in this module to assign responsibilities.

As you might remember, the project is for an expansion of the shoe line that WAG has in the United Kingdom, which includes a new factory and artisan workshop. Some of the key stakeholders are:

  • Clive Edwards – CEO of WAG, who oversees all of the operations in both the US and the UK and is the project sponsor
  • Cecil Moneypenny – Factory Manager in the UK, who will oversee the plant operations in the UK
  • Kingston Bryce – Factory Manager in the US, who will oversee the plant operations in the US
  • Include yourself as the Assistant Project Manager
  • Greg Hasselbach – CFO for WAG
  • Kaplan Thunderbird – Commercial Real Estate Agent in the UK

Some of the key tasks of the project include:

  • Location selection in the UK
  • Equipment selection for the new factory
  • Hiring employees in the UK
  • Mapping processes from the US factory to the new UK factory
  • Mapping all of the tasks for the project

There may be some additional tasks that need to be added. Use your imagination and include them in your matrix.

Be sure to review the lecture on Understanding a Responsibility Matrix.

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