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Read Manifesto for a Moral Revolution Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. 


Respond to the below four questions in this week’s response paper. Answer these questions in a cohesive paper (with a clear introduction and conclusion); do not answer each question separately. 

  1. Define one of the first four leadership practices presented by Novogratz, i.e. “Just Start” and “Redefine Success,” “Cultivate Moral Imagination,” OR “Listen to Voices Unheard.”
  2. Explain some observable behaviours (i.e. actions you can use your senses to perceive) associated with this practice.  
  3. Describe a time you have personally attempted or witnessed this practice in action. 
  4. Analyse what worked and/or what didn’t work in this example from your personal experience. 


  • is submitted on time (10% per day late deductions)
  • is 400-500 words
  • thoughtfully responds to the assigned prompt making specific references to the relevant course readings
  • uses direct quotations and paraphrases throughout the paper to support your reflection and analysis
  • uses APA citation style to cite quotations and paraphrases. 

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