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Hey everyone!

My name is Logan. I am 34 years old, and I reside in Georgia. I have two daughters, 7 and a half and six. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in human services and will continue my education with my master’s in psychology. I initially began my journey at 18 for AA in Psychology but life took a different turn but somehow everything keeps falling into place for me to follow my passion for helping people. I enjoy and love helping others solve their problems and assist with their personal journey in helping better themselves. I also want to continue this path to show my daughters to never give up and that time is relative to the individual, nobody is on the same path at the same time. I look forward to learning in this class and furthering my education while bouncing ideas and opinions off the rest of you in the class. I wish you all the very best! 🙂

Concerning our discussion topic, this one is hard because it is stated we should keep the perspective of a researcher and not be biased; however, I feel that’s not easy in any case of harm or abuse witnessed. We are all human, not robots and our individual perspectives are what makes us unique at being the best we can in the roles we choose. I feel that it might be worth the risk to step out of the researcher boundaries and help the child in the smartest and most successful way possible that won’t bring harm to myself, or the child involved. The authorities of course need to be contacted and I would plan to testify or do whatever it takes to bring those parents to justice as legal as possible. I also think it opens the doors to further research on how many times researchers witness abuse so that maybe something can be done about it. It shouldn’t be an often occurrence to witness something so heinous and to be in such boundaries that we are unable to help and ultimately save a life. I think we can all agree that if it should touch your heart to help someone in need and assist in any way that doesn’t involve harm being brought upon yourself or future violence or neglect to the victim involved. 

In your responses to your peers, indicate why you agree or disagree with their responses. What else might your peer want to consider as they decide whether or not to intervene?

  • Note: Keep in mind that responses are given from the perspective of a researcher, not the individual’s personal response.To complete this assignment, review the

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