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The Chief of police has asked you to write a report based on the research findings. Your report will consist of the current and future criminal justice technology, examples and the benefits to your department.




Create a 1,050–1,400 word report which will go before the Mayor’s committee for approval.




Part I: Impact on the Department




Address the following in your report:




Convince the Mayor that he should approve the funds for your precinct to purchase new equipment by analyzing the future of information technology in the criminal justice system. Be sure to address the following:




Analyze the future of information technology on criminal justice.




•Identify three or more future roles of information technology in criminal justice.


•Provide three or more examples of how information technology in criminal justice will help the city in the future.


•Describe how information technology can impact policing in the future.




Analyze three current advancements in technology that the criminal justice system has implemented and that you would like to see implemented in your precinct.




Part II: Benefits




Evaluate the benefits of these advancements and how this will positively impact your department and the city.




Factors to consider when purchasing technology.


1.Will the technology be used frequently enough to justify its purchase?


2.How much training is required for officers to properly use the technology?


3.What is the cost associated with operating maintenance/service agreements?


4.Is the technology designed to make the jobs of officers safer, easier or more effective?




Use research and examples to support your ideas. Provide two or more reliable resources to support your report.


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