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As future nursing practitioners, it is important for you to understand that the results of evidence-based research practice should be written for others to understand and apply to their practice. Research needs to be disseminated as widely as possible at all levels, both national and international. It is important that tailored dissemination tools should be used for various target audiences and the nursing profession. This assignment is designed to help you understand how to make your research usable and available to other people in your field. 

Develop a dissemination plan for your research. Your plan should include discussion about the following: 

· Audience 

· Who is most likely to use this research? 

· What is the practice setting? 

· End-user needs. 

· How should your present data to make it most usable? 

· Is there a specific language you should use to ensure your audience understands your purpose? 

· Does the target audience have a specific type of need based on practice setting? 

· Publications 

· What specific journals, newsletters, or publications would you want to publish in to reach your audience? 

· Presentations at local, state, and national levels 

· At what conferences, meetings, or panels would you want to present to make sure your ideas were readily available in the field? 

Summarize and Format your assignment with the 
Required Headings, Structure, Template, and all the requirements of the Rubric in an 875-word APA formatted Word document.

Rubric requirements:

Audience: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of audience considerations.

Practice setting: Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the practice setting.

End-User Needs: Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of end-user needs.

Publications: Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the publications available to reach the intended audience.

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