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After the interview, the group will have to write a report paper using MLA or

APA format.

Write 2 pages based on the answer and add references from your search. Format: Double-Spaced, TimesNewRomanFont, Size12.

–  Can you describe how your workplace hire people?

Her answer: It is a big company and located overseas as well. Advertising is the key for them to hire people and even touch people from small city. Using platform as on facebook, link-ind, career fair, 

–  What are the most significant challenges or obstacles your workplace has faced recently?

Her answer: The most recent which was 2 years ago was Covid. They have to do layoff. It’s very hard to do companywide layoff. Each company structure is different. Handling layoff is extremely hard, and nobody wants to do it and you never know how the person will react. They got fired over zoom or phone.

–  How does your company foster collaboration and teamwork among employees? 

Her answer: They are doing a lot of team building project in order to know their diverse coworker with who they don’t usually work with and from different sector of the company and big one 3 times a year and each company celebrates holidays together like office Christmas celebrations, office thanksgiving.

They have locations all over the world with around 17000 thousand employees and their main corporate office is in Germany. 

Information of the interviewer:

Name: Brenda Bueno

Position: Senior Human Resource Generalist

Company: Brenntag North America / Coastal Chemical

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