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  1. Watch the short video Ethics in Action – Drivers of Migration, Human Trafficking, and Modern SlaveryLinks to an external site..
  2. Post one of the basic five ethical principles listed below and how it applies to the issues in the video:
    1. Automony
    2. Justice
    3. Beneficence
    4. Non-maleficence
    5. Fidelity


The term autonomy is often used in the nursing profession as the power the client or patient has to make his or her decisions. However, on the video Ethics in Action Drivers of migration, Human Trafficking, and Modern Slavery, a different type of autonomy issues can be seen. The video describes the motives behind people migrating and suffering from human traffickers and or from slavery. People migrate due to conflict, poverty and better opportunities following the dream that is shared by deceiving people. Those oppressed by modern slavery and human trafficking, lose their autonomy once they get to their destination. There is a lot of money involved, with the purpose of selling people for a profit. Slaves cannot make decisions or whether to leave or stay. They are obligated to work under illegal conditions, and very often perform jobs with little or not pay, sometimes even sex slaves. Once the individual arrives at their destination, they lose their passport or ID. In order to control them, they take away any glimpse of freedom and decision making, this is inhumane. Because of this, it can be said that one of the main ethical principles portrayed in the video is the one of autonomy and decision making. Those in poverty are the ones that suffer the most from this type of ethical principle. The video also calls for spreading knowledge in order to prevent taking advantage of the poor.

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