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There are two assignments for and four readings to complete. And please read the following requirement. All the Documents will be uploaded. Please finish it by 12 tonight! Thanks!

Assignment 1:   Read the document on Postmodernism and Modernism,  

List all the important information you find on each period: dates, politics, economics, philosophy, life style, social changes….

– For each period, what were the important religions of these period and how are the people of each period related to religion: believers, atheists, indifferent….

– Now describe and compare our period today to theses periods: what are the characteristic of our contemporary period today?  How do we relate to religions? 

Assignment 2: Read first the chap. of Smith on Islam: list all the important information you have. Then read the pdf on Islam and complete the information you did not find in Smith. Pay particularly attention to: the period, the historical context, the important events of the period, the founder, his life, his deeds, his disciples, his writings, his death, and what happened after his death, and how his thoughts were carry out till now. What important events happened in the history of Islam.  

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