Reflection paper – organizational structure and decision effectiveness

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Please read the attached case and answer the below question.

This is a reflection paper and must include below questions.

Having read the Appalachian Mountain Club Case Study, answer the following question on organizational structure and decision effectiveness 

Introduction:  Falender letter to the search committee, and subsequent initial strategy was what?  Based on the Decision Driven Case Study, name why this was an effective strategy/decision?  The Decision Driven Case Study talks about 6 steps to organize an organization to make better decision making.  Using Appalachian Mountain Club provide 3 examples of how the principles were applied?  

Why was the use of the “debt chart”(Exhibit 2) effective use of both data and influence to communicate the severity of the AMC financial condition?  

Based on the volunteer nature of the organization, what 2 Principles of Persuasion are part of the Appalachian Mountain culture?  

For your conclusion, provide your thoughts on why the statement below is so important as a leader? 

  • With clear evidence of the Club’s financial turnaround in hand by the end of 1989, Falender’s credibility and authority had been strengthened, internally and externally, despite controversial changes simultaneously occurring in the governance arena.

Your paper is due at midnight July 16, 1159pm  Papers must be double spaced, using 12-point font.  Papers should be no less than 3 page and no more than 5 pages.  

Type this reflection in a double-spaced, 12-font format and save it as a file with the name Lastname_OrgStructure and then upload it in Week 10 Deliverable in the online Classroom.  Be sure to include a cover sheet that includes name, assignments and date.   

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