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You are to read the Amazon as an Employer article, and to research other sources of insight into how Amazon is led and managed. 

The Final Paper will assess these aspects of Amazon:

–  Alignment and performance  

You will be using the Google Project Oxygen information. Compare and contrast the Google principles to Amazon in terms of management approach.

Feel free to also use other resources provided in this course as well as others you may find. Use these resources to really think about the role of a leader in an organization and how he or she might best carry out that role.

IMPORTANT: You are to incorporate learning from course material and other credible research. You are required to cite your 


NOTE: Bezos removed himself as CEO but remains Executive Chairman. Andy Jassy has become CEO . You’ll need to research Jassy and include him in your assessments of Amazon.

Note: Just before stepping down, Bezos wrote a letter to shareholders about Amazon needing to do a better job taking care of employees. Find that letter. Include your thoughts about that in your report.

 Alignment and performance 

  1. Was Amazon aligned to deliver on its mission? 
  2. How do they achieve that alignment?  
  3. As a start, you may want to do some research (both financial and operational) to see how well the results reflect the strategic intent. 
  4. What is the link between operational results with the strategy of the company 
  5. What were the past annual reports on the strategy of the company 
  6. a) What did they want to do     
  7. b) How well did they do based on what was planned 

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